Website Comment.
The ways the shoes and the children accessories are placed makes Bukky's e-commerce website different from the rest... Looking forward to place an order very soon..
Ubong Sunday , Abak
Timely delivery
Bukky shoes and more is the best place to do your children stuffs shopping. I'm impressed with their excellent and exceptional service delivery. Thumb up for Bukky Shoes.
Motunrayo Amzat, Lagos
Bukkyshoes is trendy so she knows the shoes that will appeal to all classes of her customers. She is very friendly with a passion to please always..
Bunmi, Lagos
Great Service
BukkyShoes offers exceptional customer service & competitive prices. We would highly recommend them to anyone! I have been using them to shop for my son abroad even before they officially launched their website, I have established a high degree of trust in them. I know that when I place my orders, I will get first class treatment.
Timely Delivery
I would personally like to thank BukkyShoes team for the exceptional customer service provided the experience was a good one, I never knew how the service worked but I purchased a product from them and it got me when I needed.